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Haslingden, Rising Bridge
Puddleducks Nurseries

Meet the Haslingden Team

Nursery Owner – Aunty Sue

Sue opened Puddleducks in 1991 alongside her cousin Clare. Prior to opening Puddleducks Sue was a childminder and foster carer, realising that she had a passion for childcare Puddleducks was born.

Sue qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1983. Following the opening of Puddleducks Sue completed her BA (Hons) in Childhood Studies in 2003.

Nursery Manager – Aunty Clare

Clare has been at Puddleducks since it first opened in 1991 alongside her cousin Sue. Over the past 25 years  Clare has offered love, care and support to both children and their families. Clare qualified in 1986, gaining her NNEB certificate. In 2002 Clare achieved her Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education. She continues to keep up with all of the changes in order to provide the best possible care to all of the children/families and staff. Clare is a passionate manager and can more often than not be found downstairs with the children and reading stories to the children.

Clare is the named ‘Safeguarding Lead’, ‘Named First Aider’, ‘SENCO’ ‘ENCO,’ ‘PICO’, ‘GDPR’ and ‘Behaviour Co-Ordinator’.

Deputy Manager/ Pre-School Lead – Aunty Julie

Aunty Julie joined Puddleducks in October 2017, qualifing with her Level 3 BTEC Diploma in 2003. Julie has had lots of experiencing working with children of all age ranges. Julie spent 7 years in Dubai as a classroom teacher and prides herself on her love of jolly phonics and implementing this within the children’s learning. Julie has settled extremeley well into the Puddleducks family and has brought lots of enthusiasm with her. Julie loves to be outside and has got lots of lovely ideas planned to share with the children.

Julie is the named ‘SENCO’, ‘PICO’ named First Aider and ‘Safeguarding Lead’.

Senior Practitioner/ Babyroom Lead/ Acting Deputy Manager –  Aunty Charlotte

Charlotte joined Puddleducks in 2013 after achieving Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education. Charlotte then decided to continue her studies at Holy Cross University where she successfully acheived her BA (Hons) in Early Childhood and Education in July 2016. Charlotte has lovely bonds with all of her Key children and develops these relationships quickly. Charlotte also likes to offer ‘hands on’ activities for the children when outside, creating stories with chalk or just as simple as creating an imaginative game thus extending their communication.

Charlotte is the ‘Behaviour Co-ordinator’ named First Aider and named ‘Safeguarding Lead’

Acting Senior Nursery Practitioner/ Support to all rooms – Aunty Linda

Linda joined Puddleducks in 1996 after achieving her NNEB in the same year, she now works part-time following the birth of her granddaughter in 2015. Throughout the years Linda has provided care, love and support in abundance which she continues to do with as much enthusiasm and energy as the day she started. Aunty Linda is very good at organising the resources and rotating them, but most of all Linda has a very caring approach with the children and they all love spending time with her!

Nursery Practitioner/ Babyroom Staff – Aunty Katie

Aunty Katie joined the Puddleducks team in July 2018, qualifing with her Level 3 Diploma in 2012. Prior to joining Puddleducks, Katie worked in a few other Nurseries before deciding that she would like a change in career. Katie then went on to become a care assistant in the community which she found rewarding, it wasn’t too long though before the love for childcare came back.

Nursery Assistant/ Babyroom Staff – Aunty Denby

Aunty Denby  joined the Puddleducks team in January 2018 and completed her Level 2 Childcare qualification in December 2018, she now continues her education by accessing the Level 3 Early Years Educator. Aunty Denby can always be heard singing and is providing the babies with activities she is learning about through her studies.

Nursery Practitioner/ Toddler room Staff – Aunty Lauren

Lauren joined Puddleducks in September 2016, qualifing with her Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education in September 2016. Lauren continued her education in September 2016 by acessing the Foundation Degree, which she graduated from in July 2019. Lauren is very good at planning her activities which link to the topics, carrying them out with the children and observing what the children are doing.

Nursery Practitioner/ Toddler room Staff – Aunty Jasmine

Aunty Jasmine joined Puddleducks in December 2016, Jasmine is Level 3 qualified with the Early Years Educator. Jasmine has some fantastic ideas and lots of energy to go with it too, she is always ready to read a story, play games and be with the children and when outside she can often be found making some wonderful pictures with the children on the floor using chalk to enhance their outdoors experience.

Nursery Assistant/ Toddler room Staff – Aunty Sarah

Aunty Sarah  joined the Puddleducks team in  May 2018, where she begain to study towards her Level 3 Childcare qualification which she will qualify in later this year. Already having studied her A levels at college; Sociology, Media studies and Psychology, Sarah decided that Childcare was the career path for her and is now fully settled into the routines of Puddleducks, offering activities that she is learninng through her studies.

Nursery Practitioner/ Pre-School Staff – Aunty Shakila

Aunty Shakila joined the Puddleducks team in August 2018, Shakila achieved Level 3 Children’s care, learning and development in June 2013. Shakila then decided to continue her studies at Central Lancaster University where she successfully acheived her BA (Hons) in Children, Schools and families in June 2016. Before joining Puddleducks Shakila worked abroad in a variety of places including: Camp America and Turkey.

Office Manager/Nursery Support Aunty Rachel

Rachel initially joined Puddleducks in 2007 when she was training to become a nursery practitioner after previously studying business at college and qualified with NVQ Level 2 in Business and administartion. Rachel gained her Level 2 Childcare in 2008, before continuing her studies to achieve her Level 3, CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education in 2010. After a few years Rachel decided that she would like a change in career so in May 2014 Rachel moved to our sister nurseries Rising Bridge and Bracewell street to become their office manager. Rachel has now relocated back at Haslingden (January 2017) and she  now keeps all of the Aunties organised and keeps the office running smoothly. Rachel also helps downstairs with the children when needed and is always enthusiastic when with the children.

Nursery Cook – Aunty Barbara

Barbara joined Puddleducks in 2002, she holds the relevant qualifications in Food Safety in catering and Food Allergy Awareness for Childcare. Barabara offers well balanced meals for the children to enjoy and provides various meals depending on age, religion and allergies. Not only is Barbara our cook, she is also a friendly face to all, greeting parents in the morning and the children all know where their dinner is coming from – even our parents think Aunty Barbara should sell a Nursery Cookbook!

Nursery Cook cover – Aunty Pauline

Aunty Pauline started her employment with the Puddleducks Nurseries in January 2019. Pauline is supporting us here whilst Aunty Barbara is off on sick leave.