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Puddleducks Nurseries

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The Aunties in Puddleducks@ Meadoway will use your child’s interests to develop their skills within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum that we follow. We also loosely follow topics to help guide the children to topics that they may not reach on their own. We have a variety of activities available daily including paints, water, sand, malleable play, outside play, role play toys and much more! 

Jelly Babies

Our Jelly Baby Room is for children aged 0-2 years. They have lots of fun activities to do! There is plenty of space for little ones to sit, roll, crawl, lie and toddle. Toys are down on the child’s level so they can begin to make their own choices in their activities. The Aunties in the room develop activities around children’s level of development. There are lots of sensory activities being offered to children such as food play, gloop, playdough and such. 


Jelly Tots

Our Jelly Tots room is for our 2-3 year olds. There is so much to do! There is space to play on the rugs and carpets, space to be messy and begin to make marks using paints, pencils and pens, there is space to explore our physical skills outside and tables and chairs to develop our balance and give us a working space at a table. Toys are down are down on child-level so that our Jelly Tots can practice making their own choices in the games they play. 


Jelly Beans

Our Jelly Beans are aged 3-4 years. They are getting ready for school and are starting to get used to ‘sit-down times’ and group times with their Special Aunties and their peers.  They enjoy the ‘free-flow’ to the outdoor areas and the independence of free choice in their activities and games. There are plenty of spaces to play with others and for solitary play including construction area, small world areas, listening station, craft and messy areas. There is a bathroom within the room so that independence in self care can be encouraged, but the Aunties are always close by to help if needed.