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Image result for Person Food AllergiesAll our meals are home cooked on our premises by our lovely nursery cooks. Our cooks ensure we provide the best meals we can by constantly reviewing our menus and they cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.


We provide breakfast for all the children in the morning.

This includes milk/water to drink and a choice of toast or cereals.

Mid-Morning Snack

The children then have a mid – morning snack which is provided on a rolling basis so they are able to access it when they have finished exploring.

This consists of a choice of fruit or vegetable pieces and milk/water to drink.

Main Meal

Image result for chilli and riceWe then provide a tasty main meal with a pudding and water to drink. 

These can include cheese pie, chilli and rice, quiche and new potatoes or roast chicken dinner, but to name a few. All these meals have a variety of vegetables included. We cater for any kind of allergies or dietary requirements also.

In the Baby Room we offer different textured foods and we will follow your lead and offer advice on weaning your child.



Afternoon Snack TimeImage result for afternoon snack

We offer the babies under 2 years a main tea which may consist of something warm to fill their little tummies.

Children who are 18 months + are offered a ‘high tea’. This meal is only a snack and will be sufficient until tea time at home with the family. High teas may consist of:

  • Veg Sticks with a Dip
  • Spaghetti/ Beans on toast
  • A variety of Fresh Sandwiches on brown bread
  • Pitta breads / Bagels / Potato Cakes / Malt Loaf / Crumpets
  • Soup and brown bread roll
  • Fresh Fruit, Veg Sticks, Yoghurt or home baking forms the desserts.

We are open to suggestions for our menus and value any new ideas which we could introduce in to our weekly menus. We have lots of little mouths to feed. 

Our menus run on a 4 week rota and a full copy of the menus are available for your to see in each setting.