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Haslingden, Rising Bridge
Puddleducks Nurseries

Autumn Time Fun at Puddleducks@ Rising Bridge

While the weather starts to change, the wind starts to blow, we have all been practicing what we know!

The Babies have been exploring crunchy leaves, tickly grass and forest animals such as hedgehogs, foxes, bats and badgers. We have also been practicing walking with our younger babies! We are all so clever! We have been having lots of sensory fun too! We have been squashing, squeezing, rubbing, scratching all kinds of different surfaces like tree bark, sponges, bristles on a brush and sand paper to see what they feel like.

While we have noticed that the leaves have been changing colours on the trees and beginning to fall, we have been on walks to collects some for us to explore and investigate. Some leaves were very crunchy and some were still soft. 



Our Toddler children have been having lots of fun exploring the weather changes while playing outside. We have been finding leaves while out and about to make pictures with too. We have also been practicing making music using different materials and objects, including banging sticks, scratching surfaces with our fingers, banging pans with sticks to hear the sounds, scraping the walls with sticks and tapping our hands on surfaces to hear the sounds while we sing different songs and tunes. 

Some of our children are displaying schematic behaviours so we have been exploring these also. We have been spinning the wheels on the bikes and cars outside, making a car park for the cars in the small world area and lining up all the sticks that we found while out on a walk.


In the Pre-School Room we have been looking for signs of Autumn. We have found crunchy leaves, long and short sticks, acorns while out and about and have felt the wind blowing our hair and kites. We have also been looking at animals that may be noticed around Autumn time like foxes, hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels and mice. We have been playing phonics games and singing songs, such as Silly Soup and Noisy Neighbours to help us to practice our listening and speaking skills. 



We have all had so much fun so far, let’s keep exploring with our Nursery Aunties!