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Haslingden, Rising Bridge
Puddleducks Nurseries

Fun at Puddleducks@ Rising Bridge for the Autumn Term!

The babies have been exploring the colours red and black for Remembrance Sunday. The parents have also been to play for our Stay and Play session. There was sensory coloured pasta, painting poppy pictures using our hands, woodland animals in the small world area and we got some very good feedback from the parents on how to make our Nursery more wonderful.

We have also been exploring the wonders of a puddle while the weather has been particularly wet (in our wetsuits, of course) We coloured the puddles and even put bubbles inside. The children have also been exploring colours this term. We have had different coloured areas and toys in our environment with mirrors and reflective sheets to explore the colours even more. We have had so much fun!

The Toddler children loved it when Mummies and Daddies came to play! They have been exploring the Gruffalo and Stickman stories along with Autumn tales.

The Toddlers made poppy pictures to celebrate Remembrance Day with vegetables and paint, it was quite messy but lots of fun! We talked about how people have helped us and how we can help people by putting on our own coats and helping our smaller friends who maybe can’t do it for themselves yet and how we help ourselves at the dinner table.

While the weather hasn’t been too nice the children have been exploring how we can change water’s appearance, we have been changing the colour of the water using paints and food colourings, we have been changing the feel of the water by adding soap suds and ice. It was all very interesting!


The Pre-School children have been very interested in make believe recently so we have been exploring the world of fairies, gremlins, aliens and other make believe creatures! The pre-school children also loved their parents coming to play at nursery. We explored our space theme with moon sand, pressing all the buttons to make the shuttle take off in the control tower and having lots more of fun! We have been junk modelling rockets, asteroids and space stations, using the sparkly stars to write our names and practice writing numbers and we have been making our own asteroid belt with tin foil covered bricks in the black space water. 

While the weather hasn’t been too bright, the Pre-School children have been donning their wetsuits, hats and wellies to explore the endless fun that are puddles! We made bubbly puddles and rode through them on our bikes to make lines of bubbles! We even tried to write our names in bubbles with the sticks we found!