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Haslingden, Rising Bridge
Puddleducks Nurseries

Lots of Tuff spot fun at Puddleducks Haslingden

Ahoy there ‘me hearties’!

Exploring different ways to cut, roll and make marks

‘Oi Dog, get off the Frog!’ Learning all about rhyming words and putting together rhyming sentences

A day at the beach. The Toddler enjoyed discovering what happened to the sand when it got wet, they also talked about how boats float ‘on top’ of the water and what happens when they get heavier.

‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’. The children explored British Values by caring for the babies and tending to their individual needs.

Matching numeral to quantity using the natural environment to aid number knowledge.

Splish, splash, splosh! We love to get our children out whatever the weather: the children enjoyed exploring how they could transport the water, how the sounds change and of course splashing in the puddles!

Colour changing fun: The children had to critically think as to how they were going to fill the funnels, what could they use? how do the colours change? Lots of learning took place during this activity… and the cleaning up of it afterwards too!